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Property Management

Weber-Farhat was formed in 1986 by its founders Jeffrey Weber and Moises Farhat who have over 25 years experience in Residential Property Management. We provide responsible, accountable and experienced property management services.

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About Weber-Farhat Realty Management

Founded in 1986 by Jeffrey Weber and Moises Farhat, Weber-Farhat Realty Management, Inc. is a full service New York City property management firm.

While working at larger companies, Mr. Weber and Mr. Farhat noticed several shortcomings within the industry. With over 25 years of experience in residential property management, they decided to create their own firm with only a select clientele. Today Weber and Farhat is a New York City property management firm which provides responsible, accountable and experienced property management services, including cooperative and condominium management.

Our experienced staff believes in a hands-on, personal team approach to property management. With particular experience in cooperative and condominium management, we demonstrate expertise in New York City apartments and real estate brokerage. Mr. Weber and Mr. Farhat are actively involved with the Boards of all properties managed by Weber-Farhat Realty Management, Inc. They attend all board meetings and maintain constant communication with board officers. Our firm is in the know about real estate brokerage and New York City apartments, and we aim to direct this knowledge towards our continued success.

We recognize the individual requirements of each property and we tailor the management program to meet those special needs, keeping in mind that the board has final say on all property management issues. As principals of their firm, however, Mr. Weber and Mr. Farhat offer leadership and direction while navigating the restrictions and requirements of the board. Through our hands-on experience and result-driven approach we continue to provide outstanding value and service to all properties that we manage.